March 2020
physical therapy home exercise program
I’m Practicing Social Distancing… Now What? Thank you for doing your part to help avoid the spread of COVID-19 in our St. Louis area and greater communities! These efforts do not go unnoticed. Whether we consider ourselves more introverted or more extroverted, social distancing can be difficult to do, and...
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COVID19 updates at Axes Physical Therapy in the Greater St. Louis Area
By now, all of us have been inundated with information about Covid-19 (coronavirus) and the impact this global pandemic is having on our health, our lives, our economy and our general well-being. Locked down and locked in, it’s difficult to stay positive in these difficult and uncertain times. Our hearts...
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physical therapist interview
The Patient Experience. Three very important words in healthcare today. There’s no doubt that there’s more emphasis on the experience of the customer now than in the past. Many reasons drive this: 1) patient choice in healthcare provider 2) competition 3) resources available for patients to research their healthcare provider....
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certified hand therapy
Injuries to the hand or wrist can be highly disruptive to patients, interfering with the ability to perform the simplest of tasks. When unable to dress yourself, make a cup of coffee, or eat a meal because of a hand injury, it’s imperative that your recovery is guided by experts...
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