November 2023
Orthopedic surgery recovery during holidays in St. Louis - Axes Physical Therapy
Gift Yourself Mobility: The Advantages of Orthopedic Surgery in St. Louis During the Holidays The holiday season is a time for gratitude, reflection, and cherishing moments with loved ones. Amid the festivities, some individuals consider the unique gift of orthopedic surgery. Surprisingly, scheduling orthopedic surgery during the holidays offers distinct...
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SAVING LIVES. RESTORING FAMILIES. CHANGING LEGACIES. Axes is a small, locally owned and operated physical therapy company serving our communities in the Greater St. Louis Missouri and Illinois area. We’re fortunate to be able to offer our services at 19 locations, with the mission to help as many people as...
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“Elderly” and Empowered As we age, it seems normal to feel weak, off balance and less active than before. We’re told that being tired, incontinent and forgetful is “part of getting older.” What if this was REVERSIBLE or this didn’t have to be the case at all? Our bodies are...
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