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Julie Freiner is celebrating Hand Therapy Week in the Greater St. Louis are at Axes Physical Therapy.
Have you noticed how much we communicate with our hands? We play peek a boo with our babies, blow a kiss to our toddlers, give a thumbs up to our preschoolers, a heart hand to our grade-schoolers, a high five to our teenagers,  and a peace sign to our “too...
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Axes Physical Therapy of St. Louis demonstrates ideal work from home or remote office desk, chair, computer, headset and phone positions.
Are you one of the millions of Americans working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Forbes recently reported that almost 6 out of 10 American ‘knowledge’ workers are working remotely. More of us than ever are finding ourselves in different positions these days, both figuratively and literally. This sudden change could...
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physical therapist leg stretch
It’s a common scenario…   Busy physical therapist in an outpatient setting   Multiple therapists at each location and between locations   Patient arrives for their initial evaluation…sees “therapist A”   On second visit, patient arrives and finds out they’re scheduled with “therapist B”   On third visit, patient arrives and finds out they’re scheduled...
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