Lower Extremity
Axes physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and workers compensation specialists describe a routine to get back into workouts and fitness post Covid-19.
“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” As gyms start to open in your area and the weather warms up, many of you may be considering re-starting your workout regimen. At Axes Physical Therapy, we see a ton of sports-related injuries, and we want to help all of you...
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runner with shin splints
If you’ve ever experienced shin splints you know how irritating they can be. For those who have never experienced this, it’s an annoying, nagging pain or tenderness on the inside of the lower leg and sometimes they can derail an athletes’ training if not addressed. In this blog, we dive...
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hamstring injuries in sports
Questionable. Probable. Not practicing. Injured Reserve. Out. Are alerts like these causing you to stress out about your fantasy football team? Hamstring strains are a very common injury early in the season for skilled player positions. They can sideline your starting line-up quickly leaving you to scour the waiver wire...
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injured female athlete
Fall sports are underway. Invariably, you’re going to hear about the dreaded ACL tear, that puts an end to an athletes season. I decided it was important to share some information regarding ACL injury prevention since there are still many misconceptions regarding the topic. WHAT IS AN ACL INJURY? The...
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Knee Pain
March Madness has come to it’s conclusion and it was a great tournament this year. It’s always amazing to see how these players bodies can withstand months of practice and intense games, while my knees hurt after playing a little one-on-one with my husband and kids. There’s an explanation behind...
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sports rehabilitation specialty services
Spring is here…I can feel it. Longer days, rising temperatures, flowers blooming and, March Madness taking over my television for the next 3 weeks. After the winter we’ve had, I can honestly say that I have spring fever. As spring arrives, we’re all itching to get outside to exercise, play...
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