woman experiencing dizziness and vertigo from bppv
WHY am I DIZZY?! Dizziness is a common complaint seen by physical therapists who treat vestibular dysfunction. In fact, millions of people in the United States develop dizziness from vertigo. Vertigo is a feeling that you or your surroundings are spinning, which can increase fall risk. There are many different...
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Fall prevention.
Did you know? Falls Edition 1 in 4 adults over the age of 65 will report a fall this year.  In the US every 11 seconds an older adult in seen in the ER due to injuries from a fall  In the US an older adult (65 and older) falls...
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concussion in sports
It’s that time of year once again! The kids are headed back to school and fall sports will soon be in full swing.  They will be spending many hours practicing and training, anxiously awaiting the first time the lights go on or they step onto that field with their team....
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