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Personalized Treatments

The model we use is evidence based and comprehensive.  Our evaluation starts with a solid subjective history with specific questions that help our therapists establish differential diagnoses. A complete objective evaluation is then performed to narrow down the potential causes of the patient’s issues and to develop a working diagnosis. Once the physical therapist completes the subjective and objective portions of the exam, an individualized treatment plan will be laid out. Our physical therapists will spend extra time with our patients educating them on the expectations for the treatments. Each patient will receive an individualized home exercise program and the patients will understand “why” they are receiving the specific exercises and treatments.

Instead of only treating the patient’s symptoms, we pride ourselves in the ability of identifying stressors which become contributing factors to orthopedic conditions.  One cannot assume that conditions are limited to a specific joint or structure. Many causative factors generally contribute to a condition.  A detailed examination of contractile, inert and neurological structures is appropriate to understand the full dynamic of a condition. For more information, Contact us at Pevely, Farmington, Hazelwood & St. Charles MO centers.

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