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Staff Spotlight: Jeff Hunter, PT, Cert. MDT, MBA

This week we welcome another experienced member to the Axes Physical Therapy team. Jeff Hunter, PT, Cert. MDT, MBA will be joining the team and will be the clinic director at the St. Peters, MO facility, opening August 20, 2018. Jeff developed a passion for physical therapy early on. As a child, he was involved in sports and always was interested in how the human body worked. His parents, a nurse and physical education teacher, influenced Jeff while growing up. More than anything, Jeff likes to help people. In physical therapy, he found the perfect career.

Helping others is the most rewarding part of the job for most physical therapists and it’s a big reason why we get into this career. For Jeff, being able to be that light at the end of the tunnel for patients who think their career in sports or work is over is the best part of the job. It’s also the most challenging at times. He states, “It’s difficult helping people understand that physical therapy isn’t always a quick fix. The body and tissues take time to heal and recovery can sometimes be a slow and painstaking process.” However, therein lies the reward for Jeff and the therapists at Axes Physical Therapy. “Making a positive influence in the lives of my patients and having them say that they couldn’t have recovered without me, even when I had to push them beyond their limits. That’s the pay-off,” Jeff notes with a smile.

Jeff joins Axes Physical Therapy with over 20 years of clinical experience and is excited to work with talented, experienced team members who will challenge him to improve. Company mission is important to Jeff and he is thrilled to be aligned with an organization and other employees who believe that helping patients is job #1.

The St. Peter’s clinic that Jeff will direct is conveniently located on Mexico Road, west of Mid-Rivers Mall Drive, in the Promenade center. It’s large layout and friendly, inviting atmosphere will be a perfect fit for Jeff who specializes in orthopedic and sports related injuries. Additionally, Jeff will have the layout and capacity to rehabilitate those injured on the job who are looking to return to work. He states, “it doesn’t really matter the playing field (turf, court, factory floor), as a physical therapist, it’s my job to assess what someone can/cannot do and to put together a plan to return them to their highest level of function, whatever that is.”

Welcome to the Axes team Jeff!! We’re so excited to have you. To schedule an appointment with Jeff Hunter at the St. Peters clinic location, call 636-206-3654 or visit for more information.


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