Carpal tunnel syndroms, signs, symptom, and treatment with physical therapy near me.
Do I… have carpal tunnel? It is the middle of the night, you are sound asleep, you are suddenly woke up by pain not in your back, not in your knees but of all places your hands. They hurt, they burn and they feel like they are sound asleep (like...
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Julie Freiner is celebrating Hand Therapy Week in the Greater St. Louis are at Axes Physical Therapy.
Have you noticed how much we communicate with our hands? We play peek a boo with our babies, blow a kiss to our toddlers, give a thumbs up to our preschoolers, a heart hand to our grade-schoolers, a high five to our teenagers,  and a peace sign to our “too...
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Axes Physical Therapy celebrates Hand Therapy Awareness Week 2020 with the ASHT spotlighting our occupational therapists and their patient success stories post injury and post surgery.
Hand Therapy Week 2020  Meet Dale, who visits Chantell Unnerstall, OTR/L, CHT at Axes Physical Therapy in Union, MO. Dale has always been a ‘handyman,’ pun intended. He’s a truck driver by trade, a dad and grandpa personally, and likely many, he is a gun owner. Gun safety has always...
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