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Blog about the importance of continuity of care in physical therapy in St. Louis, MO.
Unfortunately, it’s a common scenario…   Busy physical therapist in an outpatient setting   Multiple therapists at each location and between locations   Patient arrives for their initial evaluation…sees “therapist A”   On second visit, patient arrives and finds out they’re scheduled with “therapist B”   On third visit, patient arrives and finds out they’re...
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Movement. Is. Medicine.  In line with our theme for National Physical Therapy Month 2020, let’s discuss WHO benefits from physical therapy. The easy answer is that everyone could benefit from some movement progression and exercise… so, I guess my work here is done. Thanks for reading!  I’m kidding, but only...
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Where there is no movement, there is pain.
“Where there is no movement, there is pain.” Lower back pain (LBP) is the most common cause of disability and lost work time among working-age adults in industrialized countries (1,3). In addition, it is the most common condition seen by a physical therapist. LBP is the second most common reason...
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