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Therapist Spotlight: Ray Bauer, MPT, CMPT

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome the newest addition to the Axes Physical Therapy team. For those who know the physical therapy market in St. Louis, the name ‘Ray Bauer’ is synonymous with ‘physical therapy, South County and, most importantly, quality care’. Ray’s passion for physical therapy began after suffering an orthopedic injury in high school. It was his experience in physical therapy and the relationship developed with his physical therapist that led him to pursue medicine as a career. It wasn’t until college that Ray decided to be a part of the physical therapy profession. He hasn’t looked back since.

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of being a physical therapist, Ray states, “Each day I have an opportunity to help another person improve the quality of his or her life. As therapists, we should always remember that the patients we interact with are entrusting us with their well-being. This is a huge responsibility.” He adds, “I strive to ensure all of my patients understand that I value their trust and am doing all I can to facilitate positive change in their lives.” In doing so, Ray has developed an excellent reputation, not only as a clinician, but as a therapist who can connect with his patients on a different level, truly understanding the person behind the injury.

Speaking of clinical skills, Ray has spent his lengthy career in outpatient orthopedics and has seen “just about everything” in his career. He achieved a manual therapy certification in an effort to advance his skill-set as an evaluator and in order to apply hands-on treatment techniques that impact his patients positively. He states, “I really enjoy treating patients with complex musculoskeletal pain syndromes. These individuals typically present without a mechanism of injury or known cause, but they still hurt and can’t do the things they like to do. Caring for these patients requires a high-level of clinical reasoning and advanced clinical skills.” Ray is passionate about seeking out opportunities for professional development through education, consultation with peers and other medical professionals, and by learning from others. “I want to look back on my career and know that from the time I treated my first patient to my very last that I continually challenged myself to be better,” Ray notes in his typical laid-back way.

Ray has decided to join the team at Axes Physical Therapy and will be treating patients in Jefferson County, until eventually moving northward to Arnold, MO. “I joined Axes because I wanted to be a part of a team that shares a common vision of providing a consistent level of quality patient care. We have a phenomenal group,” he states, adding “I feel extremely proud to promote my fellow clinicians and I as the most experienced team in St. Louis, if not the entire Midwest.”

To schedule an appointment with Ray Bauer at the Pevely location, call 636-224-7511. He specializes in the management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, back pain, post-surgical conditions and the management of those injured at work.


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