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Welcome to our team! Mandy Carter, MSPT, ATC, CMPT, CWC

At Axes Physical Therapy, we are centered on positively impacting and improving the lives of our patients and our employees. This month, we highlight the vision and inspiration behind Axes Physical Therapy and those who’ve dedicated their careers to the profession of physical therapy and the people we serve.

Therapist Spotlight – Mandy Carter, MSPT, ATC, CMPT, CWC

Like many who eventually enter the profession of physical therapy, Mandy grew up playing and loving sports. It was this draw towards working with athletes that led Mandy to the profession of Athletic Training. She learned first-hand as an injured athlete how beneficial the Athletic Trainer was in returning her back to the field, however, it didn’t take long for Mandy to realize that she wanted her impact as a health care professional to extend beyond the care of athletes. She states, “Physical therapy was a way I could help a greater variety of people with every day aches and pains that limit their ability to do the things they love.” It was this decision that led Mandy towards physical therapy and she hasn’t looked back since.

Since graduating in 2001 from the Physical Therapy program at Washington University in St. Louis, Mandy has dedicated her time and efforts to helping others. When asked what is most rewarding about being a physical therapist, Mandy replies, “It’s always been getting people back to their personal goals. Whether it’s high school football, working as a carpenter, running a marathon, cleaning windows or caring for themselves and their family, everyone has different goals and it’s very rewarding to help patients get to where they want to be.” Over the past 17 years, Mandy hasn’t just focused on improving other’s lives, she’s also taken on the challenge of improving hers. She received her certification as a Certified Manual Therapist in order to improve as a clinician and diagnostician. “I want to address the root of the issue, not just put a band-aid on the symptoms,” she states, “for me, it’s about the whole person behind the injury.” To that end, Mandy is also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She’s pursued this passion because she wants to make an even greater impact on the lives of others. “I want to help people to make long lasting lifestyle changes to support their health and wellness goals. There is a need for this type of practice in St. Louis,” she states with a smile.

When asked about why she has made the decision to join Axes Physical Therapy and return to physical therapy after taking some time off to pursue her certification in Health and Wellness coaching, Mandy explains that it’s the Axes’ value proposition and focus on returning to a patient-centered and employee-centered model that’s attractive to her at this stage of her career. She states that “it’s a model and vision that’s challenging the status quo in the physical therapy market in St. Louis. There’s something missing here and I want to be a part of a company focused on why we got into this profession in the first place, not just making money.”

Mandy practices in South St. Louis County serving the communities of Oakville, Mehlville, Lemay, Affton, Concord and Telegraph to name a few. She’s the clinic director of the newly opened Axes Physical Therapy clinic across from South County Center on Union Road. To schedule an appointment or free injury assessment, visit


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