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Today, February 14, 2019, marks a momentous day for Axes Physical Therapy as we launch our new website. This is a culmination of months of teamwork and coordination.  

We recognize that the healthcare system isn’t exactly user friendly at times. And yet, when you’re hurting and in pain, there’s nothing you want more than a simple path to feeling better and being able to do the things you love to do – play with your kids, earn a living, or play a sport.  

We’re proud to offer the opportunity to have a physical therapist assess your condition, whether you are suffering from an acute injury or if your ability to move without pain has slowly degraded over time. Physical therapists are the experts in movement and movement health. We strive to improve population health through interventions geared towards reducing pain, improving mobility and returning you to the activities you enjoy.  

If you have spoken with a physician and have a prescription for therapy in hand, the process is simple. Fill out a ‘Request Appointment’ form and we will strive to get you scheduled for an appointment within 24 hours.  

If you’ve yet to seek medical care and would like to meet with a physical therapist for a Free Injury Screening for advice, referral to a physician, or self-management, the process is just as easy. Fill out a ‘Request Appointment’ form, making sure to select ‘Free Injury Screening’ and we will work to get you a no-obligation, one on one consultation at one of our convenient locations.  

Don’t wait. Don’t let an injury or pain keep you from the activities you enjoy. Request an Appointment today.