DorsaVi Video Motion Analysis

Movement is what we do. Physical therapists are the experts in movement and movement dysfunction. Anyone can take video of your movement but physical therapists are the only profession specifically trained to identify and correct movement faults.

We’re excited to be able to offer video motion analysis to St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding area. Because movement is critical to our well-being, physical therapists are on the forefront of identifying movement dysfunction and developing corrective treatments and exercise plans to reduce pain and improve function.

We use DorsaVi video motion analysis to slow down the movements of patients to better analyze and breakdown movement, but also as a teaching tool with our patients to give them visual feedback on their performance. Whether you’re a runner dealing with chronic leg and hip pain or you are a soccer player recovering from an ACL reconstruction, we will use video motion analysis at different, progressive stages of your rehabilitation to give you and your physician an objective, comprehensive presentation of your movement.

Additionally, with the added feedback, the therapist will work with you to correct faulty patterns and provide corrective exercises to improve your movement and function.

Running Mechanics

Stride Length
Hip Drop
Hip Rotation
Lateral Whip

Movement Disorders

Faulty Running Mechanics
Gait Disorders
Faulty Scapular Mechanics
Faulty Landing Mechanics

Post-Surgical Rehab

Knee Surgery
Hip Surgery
Shoulder Surgery
Ankle Surgery

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