DorsaVi Video Motion Analysis

Introducing dorsaVi at Axes Physical Therapy, where we proudly offer two cutting-edge services.

First, the dorsaVi Athletic Movement Index (AMI) revolutionizes athletic performance and holistic health assessment with unparalleled precision in movement analysis. Second, our dorsaVi Running Gait Analysis (RGA) provides breakthrough insights into your running mechanics, all without the need for a gait analysis lab. Experience the future of movement analysis with us.

Axes and dorsaVi: Where Innovation Meets Rehabiliation

What is dorsaVi?

We’re excited to be able to offer video motion analysis at 6 facilities in the Greater St. Louis, MO area. Because movement is critical to our well-being, physical therapists are on the forefront of identifying movement dysfunction and developing corrective treatments and exercise plans to reduce pain and improve function.

How dorsaVi Helps: Precision for Every Athlete

IDENTIFY FAULTY MOVEMENT PATTERNS: Injuries and discomfort can restrict your activity and happiness. The dorsaVi AMI precisely pinpoints, objectifies, and analyzes faulty movement patterns that may lead to injury and limit your daily life.
GUIDE REHABILITATION PROGRESSION: Our assessment serves as your recovery compass. We leverage the data to create a personalized treatment plan, accelerating your recovery, preventing future injuries, and ensuring a safe return to your desired activities or sports.
ASSESS BIOMECHANICAL INEFFICIENCIES: Focusing on limb symmetry enables us to pinpoint and address biomechanical inefficiencies, optimizing your overall movement.
OPTIMIZE ACL REHABILITATION: Recovering from an ACL injury? Our assessment can significantly reduce the risk of reinjury, helping you regain confidence and performance.
MANAGE RETURN TO SPORT: Whether you’re a professional athlete or a dedicated enthusiast, we’ll guide your return to sport post-injury, ensuring a safe and successful comeback.
BOOST ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Athletes can elevate their game with data-driven insights measuring critical factors like ground reaction force, symmetry, and cadence.
OPTIMIZE YOUR RUN (RGA): Evaluate your performance on various surfaces, accounting for gradient, speed, and footwear impact on your running mechanics.

A dorsaVi AMI consists of one session priced at $149:

1. Sensors capture biometric data from specific movement tasks (plank, side plank, double leg squat, single leg squats, single leg hops, single leg hop and plants, and ankle lunges).
2. ViMove+ transforms sensor data into clinical information for your physical therapist to interpret.
3. Your physical therapist assesses core and lower limb function, generating an dorsaVi Athletic Movement Index (AMI) Rating covering movement, symmetry, balance, and power scores.
4. We review the analysis with you and your therapist creates a personalized corrective report and exercise plan.

A dorsaVi RGA consists of two sessions priced at $249:

Data Capture

Wear dorsaVi sensors to gather precise movement data during your running or walking session. Our expert therapists ensure accurate data collection and guide you through the process.


We analyze the data, providing a comprehensive report on your running mechanics. Our team reviews findings with you, offering insights to optimize your running form and prevent future issues.


Movement is the key to a vibrant life, and the dorsaVi Running Gait Analysis is your gateway to achieving it. Enhance your performance, alleviate pain, and elevate your quality of life with us.

Request AMI or RGA appointment with one of our expert physical therapists at our 6 participating locations in the Greater St. Louis area today.

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