It’s about you doing the things you enjoy. Whether you’re an elite gymnast, a firefighter, a teacher or grandparent, our job is to assess your movement, address your impairments and develop a plan to get you back to activities you love.

As experts in movement and movement dysfunction, physical therapists are truly focused on one thing: function. We work as an integral member of the health care team. Our role is to improve movement, maximize recovery from surgery or injury, and ensure our patients return to their active lifestyles. Axes is a St. Louis-based group of physical therapists that care about our patients.

At Axes Physical Therapy, our team of highly experienced physical therapists are centered on you and your needs. We strive to provide individualized, hands-on evaluation and treatment that results in a positive outcome.

Our team of therapists, many of whom have practiced for nearly 20 years, have seen it all. However, continuing education is critical for us to provide you the best recovery possible. We regularly participate in continuing education with thought-leaders in orthopedics, sports medicine and physical therapy. This means we can be at our best for you.

Acute Injuries

Acute Sprain/Strain
Low Back Pain
Recent Surgery
Sports Injuries
Work Injuries

Chronic Injuries

Joint Pain
Muscle Weakness
Muscle Imbalance
Overuse Injuries
Soft Tissue Restrictions

Aging Concerns

Balance Concerns/Falls
Loss of Functional Mobility
Muscle Weakness
Joint Pain
Gait Disorders

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