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At Axes Physical Therapy, we have one focus: returning patients to the activities they love. Our physical therapy practice is centered on patient results, positive outcomes and a remarkable experience for our patients and clients.

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Why Axes Physical Therapy?

Experienced Therapists Providing Expert Care

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Our Therapy Services

All patients, injuries and surgeries are unique, thus your therapy experience should be individualized to you and your needs. Our therapy services in St. Louis, MO, are provided by licensed physical or occupational therapists with an average of 15+ years of experience per therapist. We’re proud to say that we’ve seen it all.

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Our Specialty Services

As the practice of physical therapy has grown, so have the options for specialized treatments for a wide variety of conditions. With locations throughout St. Louis, MO, Axes Physical Therapy is proud to offer cutting-edge treatment techniques geared to improve recovery for injuries and conditions that may require a little extra expertise.

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Our Athletic Training Services

Axes is proud to provide athletic training outreach services to St. Louis area schools and organizations. Athletic trainers are licensed and certified allied healthcare professionals who specialize in the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries and conditions. Our experienced athletic trainers provide compassionate care to athletes of all ages.

Convenient Locations

Accessibility to our services is critical for a positive outcome. We strive to have convenient locations with rapid appointment availability. This allows us to reduce the risk of post-surgical complications and provide care during the acute injury phase before conditions become chronic and costly.

Axes n. (ak, sēz) A place of great importance to an activity or interest. Where it’s at. Centered.

We're Here For You

As a physical therapist owned and operated company, our focus is centered on one thing – you and your needs. We recognize that this may be your first time in physical therapy and our goal is to make the process as simple as possible.

What Sets Us Apart?

We know that you have choices in medical providers, including your physical/occupational therapist. Axes was founded with that in mind. We’ve committed our brand to ensure the needs of our patients, clients and employees come first.

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Patient Centered

Our singular focus is creating the best possible therapy experience for you at every visit.

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Client Centered

We provide value to our expansive customer base by listening and responding to their needs.

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Employee Centered

Focusing on our experienced and passionate team means we always deliver to our patients.

  • “Tearing my ACL was an all-time low in my life. Axes and the amazing therapists helped me not only physically to get back on the field, but mentally to get back to where I wanted to be.”

  • “When I woke from a coma, I was unable to move any part of my body. I had a few inpatient weeks of therapy then came to Axes. Jeff was very patient and instrumental to my recovery. Both Jeff and Farren are very professional and make therapy fun. Katee always greets me with a smile and is happy to help in any way possible. I highly recommend coming to Axes Physical Therapy.”

  • “I have been in and out of physical therapy for several years. I met my therapist, Jeff, the first time I needed PT and was so impressed with him, time spent with me, and concerns for my recovery, that I come back every time I have needed PT. His hours are flexible and he is able to get me in at a moments notice. He adjusts my therapy to what I can tolerate each time I visit. I have also needed ASTYM treatments which I receive from Farren. I appreciate their professional bedside manner while they are also friendly, making the time pass by easily, making it seem more like time with friends rather than a therapy appointment.”

  • “Excited!! Exhilarated!! Ecstatic!! And extraordinarily lucky to have found you again!! Yay! Absolutely no one is more respected by his peers and more beloved by his patients, especially me, than YOU! You are the epitome of the PERFECT physical therapist with both the abilities and personality that inspire confidence! It’s worth the drive and the money (even for this busy, frugal oldster!) to see you who is always upbeat, helpful, friendly, and relentless in your pursuit to make me and my knee a total success! I love how you are aggressive but kind! You have made such a difference in my life, not once, but twice – I could never thank you enough, really! You are the BEST – my superstar!”

  • “Mark Smith is and has been my therapist for the last 14 weeks. He is very dedicated, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I had a total knee replacement with complications and my knee had to be manipulated under anesthesia. Mark has worked very hard to get my knee to where it should be, even coming in on Saturday over a holiday weekend. He always explains what he is doing and why. I never feel he is rushing my therapy.”


“The Axes-Wentzville team provided exceptional physical therapy care for several different injuries of mine. Every session was helpful, clean, professional, and most importantly focused on the road to recovery. I would recommend that anyone seeking a place to complete physical therapy call Axes and schedule an appointment. Thank you Jeff, Farren, Katee & team for taking great care of me!”

T. Burr
Wentzville Patient

“After a 2nd surgery to repair a failed pt session elsewhere, my Dr sent me to Axes in Washington. It was a brand new clinic, close to home, spacious and bright. Scheduling and paper work was handled smoothly. Kudos and acknowledging this fine group of talented people, administrator Sarah, director/therapist Mike and Steve. Also there was Blake, Sophie, Hunter, Natalie and Sara there to help during the sessions. Last but not least, my primary care clinician, chief therapist extraordinaire Emily. She professionally designed a protocol specifically for me that addressed both my injured leg and my mindset. Through all the months I attended Axes, she was there every step of the way hands on and overseeing my progress… and with all of that, she gave me my life back. I’m forever grateful.”

Jim Wilson
Washington Patient

“My hand therapist, Chantell, was the best…knowledgeable…personable…highly professional and organized. The environment is very enjoyable, relaxing and welcoming. After 7 sessions of therapy on my hand, which had surgery for trigger finger, it was improved more than I had anticipated. I highly recommend Axes and their staff to all…very caring.”

Wanda Lucas
Union Patient

“As soon as you walk in the door you are welcomed and feel comfortable. The one on one attention with the physical therapist is critical. I attribute my successful recovery from back surgery to my time at Axes, gaining strength prior to surgery and continuing six weeks post surgery. The strength I have gained shows me I can run and do things I haven’t been able to do for 30 years. It has given me much hope for an active life at 60.”

Sallie Gross
St. Peters Patient

“My first experience with PT and it was a positive one. I had a minor stress fracture in my ankle. I am extremely active and felt that PT was unnecessary overall, but went to ensure I did not re-injure myself. I was relieved to find that my therapist shared many strengthening exercises with me and agreed that I was doing fine and would not need more than 2 sessions before being released. I appreciate his honesty, knowledge, and experience.”

Jane Hanewinkel
South County Patient

“I have very much improved with physical therapy at Axes. I credit the professional friendly therapist John Ruessler. He is focused on specific exercises for my injury , and providing tools and guidance for at home therapy. The space is very roomy, and equipped with plenty of weights, balls, bikes, and bands. Judy, the receptionist, is friendly and very conscientious of the current COVID challenges. I highly recommend Axes and John in St. Charles.”

Bonna Mora
St. Charles Patient

“We have been in for treatment on two separate youth sports related injuries. Drew did a great job connecting, communicating and ensuring treatment was appropriate and challenging while having fun. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a PT, especially youth sports related.”

Mark Moore
O'Fallon Patient

“I’m so glad that I decided to come to Axes. The staff are so welcoming and helpful. They ensure all of the equipment and tools are sanitized after each use. My PT Brandi, is literally heaven sent. She pushes me when I want to quit, she’s understanding, and above all she CARES. I never write reviews, but wanted to publicly thank you all for going on this journey to recovery with me.”

Roberta H.
Hazelwood Patient

“This is the best place by far, hands down. Eric and Derrick really took the time to interview and examine me and get down to what the real issues with my neck, back and shoulder. I would recommend going to see them if you are having problems of your own. Skip any other therapist and ask to be sent to AXES, their whole crew is friendly and courteous. I would rate 6 stars if available.”

Kelly Callahan
Farmington Patient

“Great staff and a vast variety of therapy techniques tailored to your personal needs. I had a total knee replacement, and after my in-home PT benefits ended, I chose Axes PT. So glad I did! Only 2 1/2 months after my surgery & my knee is 100% pain free & at full motion. 👍🏼”

Arnold Patient

“This is my second experience with Axes. I requested them this time. Everyone is very professional, encouraging and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is pleasant, organized and super clean. I’m always impressed with how all the staff helps with setting up equipment for each client. I never sit around waiting- it’s right to work and the staff makes every minute count!”

Kimberly Marx
Festus Patient

“Axes Physical Therapy has a great staff. They show you exercises you can do at home. But they work continuously with you for an hour, doing different exercises. You are then putting heat or cold pads on the area.”

Gloria Franke
Affton, MO Patient

“Derek and the staff at Axes really work with you to get the most out of your therapy session. They treat you like family, in a good way 😁.”

Steve Cox
Farmington, MO Patient

“I am a PTA student that is currently in school. I had to do observation hours for school in order to move on to the next semester. Stacey & the Axes crew took me in and allowed me to observe at their clinic. The hands on care with the patients that I observed left me very impressed. Very friendly staff I must say. Everyone was very professional and the setting was very clean.”

Derrick DeBerry
Affton, MO Patient

“I am currently in Physical Therapy. St. Peters Axes Physical Therapy has been really good. They keep their facility really clean. They work hard to make sure you are not hurting yourself but they make sure you are working towards getting better. My Therapist Mitch, is very knowledgeable and is working hard to ensure that i am improving. I would recommend Axes to anyone. If you are needing Therapy, check them out.”

Tracy Thompson
St. Peters West, MO Patient

“Both my wife and I have used Axes and we are more than happy with the experience. The Physical Therapists are caring and well-trained. From the time you walk in the door till you leave, you feel that you have been welcomed and cared for. I have already recommended Axes to my friends who needed physical therapy. I will be undergoing knee surgery in a few months and I definitely will be using Axes again for therapy after the surgery.”

David Taylor
Festus, MO Patient

“Axes physical therapy in Farmington Derrick Wolk is a great physical therapist him and his staff are very friendly and they do a great job I recommend them very highly to anyone needing physical therapy I had rotator cuff surgery they have got my arm doing great now”

Michael Eddings
Farmington, MO Patient

“Axes Physical Therapy in Festus recently treated me for a re-injured rotator cuff. Axes fosters an environment of healing, which was particularly helpful on the first day, not knowing what I was walking into. Physical Therapist Ms. Kelly Barnes led my treatment team and did an outstanding job. My interaction with Kelly over five weeks proved pivotal in addressing the immediate symptoms, substantially improving my arm and shoulder usage. Under her care, I saw a notable increase in flexibility and range of motion, which was beyond my expectations, given the type of injury. Kelly displayed an extraordinary mix of professionalism, knowledge of physical therapy, and patient care. Her understanding of the musculoskeletal system and the various therapy treatment methods were crucial to my improvement. Therapists Mary McKinney and Trevor Bieg were the other members of Kelly's team. They were key players in the three-person team that worked with me, each contributing significantly to my improvement. Each one displayed unique therapy skills and professionalism and was very comfortable to work with. Their work complemented the approach that Kelly had established. Candidly, I hope I never have to return, but should that happen, I will ask Axes for the same team. Thank you, Axes, for your help and your outstanding staff of physical therapists.”

Gordon Heddell
Festus, MO Patient

“I love Axes Physical Therapy. Not only is the facility clean and welcoming; the staff is one of the best I have ever experienced. They work together and go out of their way to make sure the client has a positive experience. Recently I was experiencing intense pain in my Achilles tendon, and a therapist gave my a massage that got me up and moving! I highly recommend it.”

Susan Hopkins
St. Peters West, MO Patient

“I am very happy with my therapy. I am progressing along extremely well due to Megan’s knowledgeable handling of the therapy I am doing with her. I am feeling so much better since I started and am looking forward to a full recovery. Thanks to all involved in getting me there.”

John Gottschalk
Wentzville, MO Patient

“Rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery 1 year ago to repair significant tears from a fall ... enter Candace from Axes. I call her approach, 'Adaptive Therapy'. She met me where my body and mind were and adapted her approach to accommodate my bias to work hard to recover. This weekend I carried and lifted 4 tons of mulch by hand. Axes and Candace made my life whole again. 😀”

Jon Schneider
St. Charles, MO Patient

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