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Physical Therapy and

Physical Therapy that produces results

With sensitivity and compassion, we work with our patients to promote physical rehabilitation in a professional, experienced and caring environment.

Our highly-trained physical therapists provide treatment that reduces pain and inflammation, increases range of motion, and improves posture, strength and body mechanics. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, integrity and quality physical rehabilitation care through the variety of services our staff provides. With us, you will always be well cared for and receive the personalized attention you deserve. We have offices in locations like Pevely, Farmington, Hazelwood, St. Charles, MO, so you can easily consult our physical therapists.

Workers Compensation
We feel that physical therapy is a loss prevention tool. We believe a quality physical therapists using their clinical reasoning skills and superior documentation adds value by getting patients on the right track early in treatment. This will have a positive impact on the total disability cost of a case by driving down utilization and decreasing costs. Axes Physical Therapy wants to impact the bottom line for its clients by helping drive down the total disability cost of a case.

Health tips for pain-free living

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Excited!! Exhilarated!! Ecstatic!! And extraordinarily lucky to have found you again!! Yay! Absolutely no one is more respected by his peers and more beloved by his patients, especially me, than YOU! You are the epitome of the PERFECT physical therapist with both the abilities and personality that inspire confidence!

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