Am I Covered?

We understand that navigating the insurance world can be confusing and frustrating. At Axes, we attempt to do the work for you. Contact any of our facilities, provide your insurance information, and we’ll take it from there. You deserve the care you need, not more headaches.

Have Insurance?

We work with private, federal and workers’ compensation plans as a contracted and approved provider of physical therapy/occupational therapy services. Not sure if you’re covered? Don’t hesitate to contact us to investigate and we will be happy to contact your insurance company to determine benefit eligibility. Keep in mind that many plans vary on benefit structure and it’s always wise to work with your medical provider to determine coverage. In some cases, we may be considered out of network. We will work with you individually in those cases.

Don't Have Coverage?

Whether you are uninsured or your benefit package doesn’t cover physical therapy, we will work with you. We offer affordable cash-based options that will give you access to the recovery options you need to provide long-term value without breaking the bank. We are consumers, parents, and also have families so we understand the challenges faced in healthcare today and strive to be part of the solution, not the problem. As such, we are also a privately owned and operated business and require agreed upon payment at the time of service.

Disclaimer: Benefit structure and plan coverage can change often and unexpectedly. We recommend proactively communicating with our front office and billing team members.

Ready To Feel Better?

We center our efforts on improving the lives of those we serve.