Advanced Work Rehabilitation

Nothing is more stressful than being injured at work and facing a loss of potential income and identity. The team at Axes understands this and participates as an active stakeholder within the workers’ compensation system and recovery team.

We believe that as physical and occupational therapists, we play a crucial role within the workers’ compensation team in returning injured workers back to productive members of society. Unfortunately, injuries can and do occur at work despite safety efforts. When an injury does occur, we understand our role within the system. We provide rapid accessibility to our services and treatments in line with the physical demands of the job. Our goal is to design a recovery plan in alignment with the other members of the team, including the injured worker, the employer, the physician/surgeon, and the payer.

Our team of experienced therapists will provide a plan that is not only evaluative but restorative as well. We assess the individual’s current limitations as compared to their job requirements and develop a comprehensive plan to return them safely and effectively to work. We take our role seriously and recognize communication with all parties is paramount.

Acute Management

Range of Motion
Joint Mobility
Job Specific Exercise
Joint Protection (surgical)

Advanced Strengthening

Advanced Exercise
Cardio Conditioning
Job Specific Tasks
Positional Tolerances

Return to Work Program

Exercise Progression
Material Handling
Positional Tolerances
Job Specific Tasks
Cardio Conditioning

Get Back To Work Safely And Effectively

Comprehensive therapy services provided by experts in workers’ compensation.