Spine Specialty

Low back pain is a top cost driver in today’s healthcare system. Recent studies have shown that early intervention by a physical therapist can reduce cost and, more importantly, opioid use by 75-90%. Our team is ready to be part of the solution.

Axes believes that we can have a significant impact on health and help reduce healthcare costs through effective outcome based intervention. Nowhere is this philosophy more evident than with our team of certified manual therapists. Their specialization in hands-on assessment and treatment of a variety of conditions includes those causing back and neck pain. Our spine therapy specialists in St. Louis, MO, are here to help.

Publications, including the American College of Physicians guidelines, now recommend that physical therapy, including manual therapy, exercise and patient education, should be the treatment for routine, non-surgical low back pain. Thus, our therapists partner with countless physicians in the area to provide rapid access for early, hands-on intervention. Our therapists will not only work to reduce pain, but strive to uncover the causes of pain, including muscle imbalance, joint mobility, faulty posture and compensatory movement patterns.

Hands-On Care

Joint Mobilization
Joint Manipulation
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Soft Tissue Mobilization
Trigger Point Massage

Guided Exercise

Core Stabilization
Postural Retraining
Cardio Conditioning
Strength Training
Home Exercise

Injury Prevention

Patient Education
Lifting Education
Postural Retraining
Activity Modification

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