Recent injury? Or are you managing a nagging injury that just won’t get better? As experts in movement and movement dysfunction, physical therapists can be an easily accessible and inexpensive entry point to have your condition assessed.

Axes Physical Therapy provides free, no obligation injury assessments* to those seeking answers and looking for solutions. If you have a recent or chronic musculoskeletal injury that’s limiting your movement and ability to do the things you enjoy, our St. Louis physical therapy team can help.

Following your consultation, your physical therapist will work with you on next steps, which may include further evaluation and referral to a physician. We take pride in our working relationships with some of the most respected sports medicine and orthopedic providers in the area and will communicate with them according to the plan. In some cases, your therapist may advise you that a short course of therapy and exercise would be appropriate and will work with your physician to facilitate a referral for therapy. Or, they may simply advise you to check back in a week or two.

Whatever the outcome, we will work with you to find the best course of action to keep you active.

*Does not apply to Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare recipients

Acute Injuries

Ligament Sprains
Muscle Strains
Back or Neck Pain
Sports Injuries

Chronic Injuries

Joint Pain
Muscle Weakness
Overuse Injuries
Soft Tissue Restrictions
Postural Dysfunction
Back/Neck Pain

Movement Dysfunction

Muscle Imbalance
Overuse Injuries
Pain with Activity
Poor Balance
Gait Disorders

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Don’t let a new or nagging injury keep you from doing the things you love.