Dizziness, vertigo, and impaired balance can be debilitating for patients, whether occurring suddenly and without warning or developing over years. Many disorders can cause disruptions in the vestibular system, greatly affecting one’s ability to function.

Vestibular disorders and post-concussion syndrome can be quite troubling for patients. The symptoms can significantly limit the ability to function, even with basic daily activities. Additionally, living with symptoms that are largely “in their head” can be even more frustrating as others aren’t able to see the outward signs of an injury. This secondary emotional impact can be difficult to cope with for patients, families, teammates and friends.

Physical therapy for vestibular or oculomotor dysfunction affecting balance, gait, visual acuity and tracking, and motor and sensory dysfunction often is centered around a balance between rest and challenging the vestibular system. A skilled physical therapist will take you through a comprehensive assessment, with an understanding of the underlying condition, to develop the appropriate plan for you. Contact our vestibular therapy experts in St. Louis, MO, now for more information about how we can help.

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Unilateral or Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction


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