Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) have been used for years to assess the functional abilities of individuals who’ve suffered a work-related injury. They’ve become a valuable tool to determine functional abilities and return to work capabilities.

Functional Capacity Evaluations are part of the spectrum of services offered to injured workers, physicians, insurance carriers, attorneys and employers following a work-related injury. Typically, an FCE will be requested when determining the functional capabilities of an individual looking to return to work at some level. It corresponds with the spectrum of workers’ compensation services at Axes Physical Therapy, from acute injury management through return to work programming.

Axes Physical Therapy FCE is based on the Bio-Ergonomics FCE developed by Vic Zuccarello in 2005. It is peer-reviewed, valid, reliable and legally-defensible. It screens for non-organic signs and objectifies the individuals’ effort and return to activity abilities. Each FCE is reader-friendly and documented in a concise manner with supporting documentation and references needed to assist in the resolution of tough cases and answering relevant referral questions needed for case closure.

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Experienced Evaluators
Peer Reviewed Data
Legally Defensible
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Research Supported
Highly Specific
Reliable Protocols
Objective Reports
Legally Defensible


Experienced Evaluators
Data Driven
Impartial Examination
Research Supported
Task Specific

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