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Movement is critical for your physical and emotional well-being. Too often, our ability to do the things we enjoy becomes limited because of injury, pain or following a surgery.

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Missouri remains a limited Direct Access state. What that means is for you is that you need a prescription from your physician to attend physical or occupational therapy. If you’ve seen your physician and have received a prescription for physical or occupational therapy, then you can get started on the road to recovery today. If you still need a prescription for an injury or advice on how to access our services, don’t hesitate to contact a physical therapist today. It’s likely we know your physician and can help.

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Recently injured? Nagging injury that won’t go away? Back pain? It’s hard to know where to start, but Axes can be part of the solution. Waiting weeks for an appointment isn’t the best option and emergency room visits are costly. As experts in movement and musculoskeletal health, we can often be an inexpensive first point of contact for patients looking for answers. Whether your injury needs further work-up by a physician, can be managed at home or would benefit from physical therapy, we’ll provide advice.

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Enter your information below and an Axes representative will contact you shortly to schedule your appointment. For immediate assistance or for other questions, contact the most convenient clinic to speak with one of our friendly staff members. Axes is a dedicated group of physical therapy centers throughout St. Louis, MO. We’re here to help.

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