Hand Therapy

Our hands. We often take for granted the little things – opening a jar, buttoning a shirt, writing – until we can no longer perform those activities. When you have an injury or are recovering from surgery on your hands, wrists, or elbows, we understand the challenges you face.

Axes Physical Therapy in St. Louis is proud to offer this specialized and elite service to our customers. Whether you’ve suffered trauma, had surgery due to a chronic injury or are managing the daily struggles of an arthritic condition, our team of experienced hand therapists in St. Louis are here to guide you along the road to recovery. We understand the physical and emotional toll that accompanies these injuries.

Hand therapists (CHT) are experts in managing acute, chronic and post-surgical conditions of the upper extremity resulting in the loss of function and inability to perform daily activities. They employ a wide variety of specialized techniques and treatments, largely dependent upon your needs. Whether you need immobilization with a custom hand splint to protect a surgical repair or hands-on mobilization to improve the range of motion in a restricted joint, your program will be highly customized to your needs and in alignment with your physicians’ recovery timeline and expectations.

Pre/Post Surgical Care

Tendon Repairs
Ligament Reconstruction
Joint Replacement
Nerve Decompression
Cartilage Repair

Custom Splinting

Post-Operative Splinting
Post-Fracture Care
Pediatric Splinting
Nerve Injuries

Injury Management

Elbow, Wrist, Hand Surgery
Chronic Pain
Nerve Injuries

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