Axes Gives BLOOD (We Need Donors!)

Axes is teaming up with Red Cross to give the GIFT of life! Donate with us!

In the wake of this national blood shortage – donate with us HERE!

Axes is hosting our first annual blood drive at Axes – Lake Saint Louis on Sunday, September 18, 2022 from 9am-1pm. We are a small, locally owned and operated physical therapy company serving our communities in the Greater St. Louis area. We’re fortunate to be able to offer our services at 17 locations, with the mission to help as many people as possible. Our profession is all about helping others and giving back. Through the service of physical and occupational therapy, we give our patients’ their livelihoods, lifestyles, and abilities back.

Since giving back is the fundamental reason that our organization exists, it was important to the ownership and staff of Axes Physical Therapy to make sure that we are doing all that we can to give back to the communities we love. This year, the Axes Physical Therapy Foundation is honored to have given back to 501C3s such as Spirit of Discovery Park,  Forest Park ForeverBoys and Girls Clubs of St. Louis, Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition,  Jazz St. Louis, and now we’re supporting the American Red Cross by hosting our First-Annual Axes Blood Drive.

The American Red Cross is facing a national blood crisis – its worst blood shortage in over a decade, posing a concerning risk to patient care. Amid this crisis, doctors have been forced to make difficult decisions about who receives blood transfusions and who will need to wait until more products become available. Blood and platelet donations are critically needed to help prevent further delays in vital medical treatments.

Axes Physical Therapy hosts a blood drive in Lake Saint Louis, MO with the Red Cross
1201 HRC Plaza Drive, Lake Saint Louis, 63367 – (636) 493-8156

“While some types of medical care can wait, others can’t,” said Dr. Pampee Young, chief medical officer of the Red Cross. “Hospitals are still seeing accident victims, cancer patients, those with blood disorders like sickle cell disease, and individuals who are seriously ill who all need blood transfusions to live even as Omicron cases surge across the country. We’re doing everything we can to increase blood donations to ensure every patient can receive medical treatments without delay, but we cannot do it without more donors. We need the help of the American people.”

This drive will be hosted at our new, free-standing Lake Saint Louis location at 64/364 – near The Meadows Mall. Our blood drive coordinator, Michelle Lofton of Red Cross, said, “I did want to share a few videos with you…  This is why we do what we do, and we couldn’t do it without you!

If you have questions or concerns about your ability to donate, please visit this link to review deferral medications and circumstances. On behalf of future lives changed, thank you for reading on and for your support – from awareness to donations – it’s all appreciated. 

Join Axes in support of the American Red Cross by donating here OR signing up for our 9/18 Blood Drive in Lake Saint Louis here!

Helping you is what we do… and we love doing it.

Learn more about Red Cross here.

Axes is teaming up with Red Cross to give the GIFT of life! Donate with us!