Is it SAFE for me to come to Physical Therapy during Covid-19?

COVID19 updates at Axes Physical Therapy in the Greater St. Louis Area

 “Is it safe for me to come to physical therapy during Covid-19?”

There’s no doubt… the past several months have been filled with confusion, uncertainty, and doubt. It is likely that each of our lives have been impacted negatively over the past 3 months in some way.

As a small physical therapy business in St. Louis, we have dealt with the inability to do what we love to do the most – improve people’s lives. It is why we are in this profession. We love helping our patients regain mobility, strength, and range of motion to reduce pain and get back to normal, everyday activities. As activities slowly return to normal and you are able to finally undergo your shoulder or knee surgery, we look forward to the opportunity to have you attend your first physical therapy appointment in person so that we can assist you on the road to recovery. However, because of misleading or confusing information, you may be asking: “Is therapy safe?”

Let’s dispel that notion with a few important reminders.

  • Movement is medicine: There is no better way to live a physically and emotionally healthy life than through regular movement and exercise. The benefits of exercise are well-known, including the positive effects on the immune system. Unfortunately, many of us were thrown off our normal exercise routine and the impact on our health and well-being was significant. We all need to move and move in a pain-free manner. Physical therapy can help through targeted, specific, and guided exercise prescription.
    • Similarly, following a surgical procedure, oftentimes graded and guided movement is the best thing for you. Post-surgical complications can arise from too little movement, too much movement, or the wrong type of movement. If you have invested the time and money to undergo an orthopedic surgical procedure to repair or replace a joint or tissue, make sure that you follow through with your physical therapy orders to maximize your recovery.
  • Social Distancing is possible: Because of the nature of our physical therapy clinics, you can complete your physical therapy sessions without the need to be stuck in a crowded area. We designed our clinics to allow enough space between patients, even pre-Covid-19. From our experience in the St. Louis physical therapy market, most patients prefer a smaller, more personalized experience with a physical therapist and that is what we aim to provide.
  • Cleaning and Sanitation: All equipment, surfaces and devices that you will come in contact with are cleaned between every patient use with medical grade sanitizer recognized by the CDC as effective in stopping the spread of Covid-19. Additionally, as healthcare providers, we have always taken hand washing seriously. All staff wash and sanitize between patients. This has been proven as one of the most effective ways to prevent disease transmission.
  • Masks: While some debate remains regarding the efficacy of mask-wearing to prevent the spread of disease, like the common cold or a virus, our team is employing mask wearing when within 6 feet of you. We are a “hands-on” profession, there is no doubt about that. We evaluate, treat, and heal through hands-on care. In order to provide the greatest value for you during your physical therapy sessions, we are committed to offering what we know will be most effective. If that means masking up so we can care for you in the most effective way, then so be it.

Bottom line, many of you put your recovery on hold or delayed a necessary procedure over the past 3 months to avoid the risk of the unknown. As life opens back up again, rest assured that our team is doing everything possible to provide a safe healing environment for you or your loved ones. We exist as an organization to change lives for the better. Our commitment to our patients and medical partners is to keep you safe during your recovery with us.

If you are in need of pre or post surgical care, general re-conditioning, or help returning to sport/daily activities in the wake of an injury, schedule your appointment at one of our 11 Greater St. Louis area locations or via a Telehealth injury screening.

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