Now Offering Hand Therapy in Hazelwood, MO

Hand therapy rehab services now offered in Hazelwood, MO Axes Physical Therapy.

We are excited to announce that beginning in early June 2020, Axes Physical Therapy in Hazelwood, MO will offer hand therapy services. Occupational therapist, Laura Jenkins, MS, OTR/L, will provide daily appointments to those suffering from an injury or post-operative conditions affecting the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist and elbow.

Hand therapists are physical or occupational therapists who have specialized in the evaluation and treatment of upper extremity injuries. Certification occurs only following extensive clinical practice in upper extremity injuries and the successful completion of a rigorous certification exam.

Certified hand therapists are the experts in managing a variety of upper extremity conditions that affect the ability to perform day to day activities. They employ a wide variety of treatment techniques that are personalized to the condition and the patient. Whether it’s immobilization through fabrication of a custom splint to protect surgically repaired tissues or hands-on mobilization to improve motion in a restricted region, Axes’ hand therapists are some of the most experienced in the greater St. Louis region.

To meet with a hand therapist for evaluation and treatment of a hand, wrist or arm injury, visit our website and schedule your appointment today at any of our 8 locations offering hand therapy services.