#12MonthMovementChallenge – February

In January 2021, Axes Physical Therapy kicked off the 12 Month Movement Challenge. The goal of our year long challenge is to counteract the negative effects that our more sedentary life had on ALL us throughout 2020. The ownership team of Axes Physical Therapy made the decision to do something about the impact that inactivity had on their health last year. Now over a month into this challenge – WE HAVE AN UPDATE!

So far, the ownership team of Axes Physical Therapy has stuck to their commitment to change and has lost 35 pounds total! Stay tuned for more progress – we aren’t done yet.

For further accountability, and to encourage others to make a commitment to change their lifestyle for the better, we decided make a community challenge of it. All. Year. Long.

We invite you to make positive changes for your health and your life with us. In 2021, we are putting our money where our mouth is. Every month, we are giving away a monthly prize to patients, clients, friends, followers that share their wellness journey with us. Whether just recovering from an injury, surgery, or making the decision to lose weight and START MOVING, share a photo or video of your workout, follow/like us on Instagram and Facebook, and tag @axespt. That’s it. Snap a photo or video, follow us, tag us – entered to win.

In our first month of January, we were THRILLED to see all of the entries! Each post represents a person that is making choice to do something GOOD for their body – and self-care is the new black. Jamie H. entered the #12MonthMovementChallenge a total of 17 times in the month of January! 17 posts, 17 choices, 17 days. We. Are. So. Proud. Jamie was randomly selected and was the winner of the January prize of a Fitbit Inspire 2!

Are you ready to join us by improving your health and your lives – and win a cool prize?! Winners will be randomly drawn and announced monthly. 1 post=1 entry, but enter as MANY times as you want. The more you workout, the more likely you are to win. *Make sure you’re following AxesPT on social media to win*

There is also a mystery GRAND PRIZE up for grabs to those who participate in MORE than one month of the challenge in 2021.

How to enter the 12 Month Movement Challenge:

  • Take a photo or video during your workout! (Workouts inside, outside, in a gym, with weights, no weights, a run, walk, hike, yoga, cycling, etc. ALL COUNT!)
  • Follow @AxesPT on Instagram
  • Like @AxesPT on Facebook
  • Share your photo(s) and TAG @AxesPT using the hashtag #12MonthMovementChallenge
  • That’s it. ✔

February’s prize is a Withings Body+ Smart Scale! Body+ high precision smart scale sets you on track for better health as it provides detailed insights about the impact on body fat, muscle mass, and total body water, with every lifestyle change you make.

Put in the EFFORT to MOVE more and FINISH 100%. It will change your life for the better.

FOLLOW us on Instagram. LIKE us on Facebook. GET MOVING! 🙂

12 Months of Movement Challenge from Axes Physical Therapy. Effort, Move, Finish.

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