Athletic Training Month 2024: Bret, Kyle, Brad

“ATs Are Health Care.”

Athletic Trainers are health care providers responsible for student athlete safety. Athletic Trainers collaborate with doctors to provide emergency and follow-up care and develop injury prevention and treatment programs for injured athletes. However, only 40% of secondary schools in Missouri have full access to an athletic trainer. Axes made it a mission to ensure that proper athletic training services were offered to young athletes in the Greater St. Louis area. Axes conducts the athletic training for all the largest school district in the state of MO; Wentzville School District; Timberland, Holt, Liberty, and North Point

During March, athletic trainers across America are being recognized for their commitment to helping people stay healthy and active by preventing, assessing, treating, and rehabilitating injuries and illnesses. As health care professionals, they are health care professionals. Highly educated and dedicated to the job at hand, athletic trainers can be found in high schools and colleges, corporations, professional sports, the military, performing arts, clinics, hospitals and physician offices. Athletic trainers impact health care through action. 

Axes Physical Therapy would like to salute our full time ATC’s; Kyle Bishop, Bret Haffer, and Brad Baumgarten for their essential role in providing quality health care for our local Wentzville athletes every day. 

Celebrating National Athletic Training Month: Recognizing Our Health Care Heroes

This March, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on a vital profession that often operates behind the scenes but impacts the lives of athletes, workers, and everyday heroes across the globe: athletic training. As proud enthusiasts of health and wellness, we’re thrilled to join the National Athletic Training Association (NATA)—boasting over 45,000 dedicated members worldwide—in celebrating National Athletic Training Month. This year, we’re rallying around the powerful message: “ATs Are Health Care.”

Who Are Athletic Trainers?

Athletic trainers (ATs) are the unsung heroes of healthcare, providing critical services beyond the athletic fields. These skilled professionals collaborate closely with doctors to offer emergency services, injury prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide range of patients—from athletes and industrial workers to military personnel and public servants.

Unlike personal trainers, ATs are highly trained health care providers, specializing in more than just fitness and conditioning. They are part of an integrated team that includes physicians, physical therapists, emergency medical technicians, physician assistants, and psychologists, all working together to deliver comprehensive care.

A Day in the Life of an AT

Imagine facing the challenge of managing acute, life-threatening injuries or chronic conditions daily. That’s the reality for ATs. They are adept at handling severe cases such as brain and spinal cord injuries, heat illnesses, and more. For those leading active lifestyles, ATs are the first responders, guiding their patients from the moment of injury, through rehabilitation, and back to full activity. The close, personal relationships they build with their patients ensure tailored, high-quality care for each individual.

Our Axes Athletic Trainers had this to say…

“As an Athletic Trainer with Axes, my journey began with personal experience—transforming injuries as a high school athlete into a passion for keeping others safe and in the game. It’s a privilege to build trust with athletes, ensuring their well-being and readiness to face any challenge. The ‘Athletic Training Iceberg’ concept resonates deeply with me, highlighting the unseen yet vital work we do. Sometimes it really is just the tip of the iceberg that folks get to see. I’m grateful to be part of a team at Axes that values and supports this crucial role in healthcare and sports.” – Bret Haffer

“Stepping into the world of athletic training was a natural transition for me, having navigated my own sports injuries with the guidance of skilled trainers. My love for sports fused with a desire to support others. Our job is to make sure athletes not only perform at their best but also get to cherish the camaraderie sports foster. A favorite quote of mine, attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, speaks volumes about our profession: ‘Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.’ It encapsulates the essence of being an athletic trainer at Axes.” – Kyle Bishop

Discover the World of Athletic Training

This National Athletic Training Month, we invite you to get acquainted with your local athletic trainers. Learn about the invaluable expertise and compassionate care they bring to high schools, colleges, hospitals, physical therapy offices, military bases, and performance centers near you. Athletic trainers embody the essence of health care, and this month, we’re proud to celebrate their dedication and impact.

“ATs Are Health Care” is not just a slogan; it’s a testament to the crucial role athletic trainers play in our health and wellness communities. Let’s take this opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of ATs everywhere.

Kyle, Brad, Bret – we appreciate each one of you. We are honored to have you as integral parts of the Axes Physical Therapy team.

On the sidelines, our athletes and parents feel confident in knowing that whatever the situation may be: “ATs Are Health Care.”

Join us in applauding these frontline health care heroes during National Athletic Training Month 2024! 

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