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Dry Needling Greater Labadie, MO. It’s hard to describe how it feels when pain and lack of mobility in our bodies keep us from the activities we love, or even make daily tasks like climbing the stairs challenging or even impossible. At Axes Physical Therapy in Labadie, MO, we are constantly looking for new and evidence-backed treatments to help Labadie, MO residents get back to living pain-free and getting back to the activities they love the most. Many of our patients have found that dry needling is a successful, effortless, and vital part of their larger physical therapy regiment with us. We tailor all of our physical therapy services specifically to each client, the pain or injury that’s affecting them, and the life they want to live. Contact Axes Physical Therapy in Labadie, MO online or find the location most convenient for you and we will shepherd you away from chronic pain and back to the activities you love. While it may be hard to believe now, with our tailored care you will be sprinting down the court, riding your bike, or just painlessly going through daily life in no time.

What is Dry Needling? | Labadie, MO Physical Therapy

Dry needling, also known as trigger point dry needling, uses thin filiform needles to perforate the skin and musculoskeletal tissue in order to relieve chronic pain, enhance range of motion and return you to feeling like you again. Physical therapists often use it as part of a comprehensive treatment regiment that can include posture correction, exercises, electrical stimulation, and more. Dry needling should solely be carried out by medical professionals in Labadie, MO, such as the qualified and skilled physical therapists at Axes.

Dry needling is often used to treat myofascial pain. “Myofacial” comes from Greek, with myo meaning muscles and fascia meaning a “flat band,” or the connective tissue inside and surrounding the muscles. Myofascial pain is considered a chronic pain condition that can affect people for months or even years. We’ve found that dry needling is a safe and affordable pain reliever for Labadie, MO residents who are burdened with the rising cost of prescription meds or have not seen their symptoms improve with other treatments.

We’ve also found trigger point dry needling to be effective for Labadie, MO patients with:

If you’ve been flummoxed by treatments that just aren’t working and are doubting whether or not you’ll ever get back to the lifestyle and routine you love and had grown accustomed to, make an appointment for a free screening for your injury or chronic pain with one of our licensed physical and occupational therapists to discover if dry needling can be implemented into a comprehensive and evidence-backed physical therapy regiment with Axes.

How Does Dry Needling Work? | Labadie, MO Physical Therapy

Dry needling works by attacking trigger points in the body that are the root cause of your pain and lack of mobility. The pain may either be specific to the trigger point, or radiate out to affect an entire region of your body. Trigger points are sections of damaged tensed or strained muscles or tissue that restrict blood flow to that area and surrounding areas. That makes recovery more difficult. By gently piercing or tearing the knots in your tissue, your Axes physical therapist in Labadie, MO helps stimulate an instinctive bodily reaction; the micro-tears tell the body to heal the muscle and tissue and promote the flow of blood and crucial nutrients into the area. In addition, the needles will stimulate a “twitch” response by sending Axons, or nerve fibers, to the affected areathat will make the trigger point less irritable. That that communication to the brain releases endorphins, which naturally reduces pain and even improves happiness.

Dry Needling Labadie, MO | Pain Management | Trigger Point Dry Needling Near Labadie

Frequently Asked Questions: Trigger Point Dry Needling in Labadie, MO

Is Dry Needling Painful?

The needles that physical therapists use in dry needling are eight times thinner than needles typically used at hospitals and doctors’ appointments for injections or blood samples, so many of our Labadie, MO patients don’t even sense them pierce the skin. some patients report faint irritation when the twitch response is induced, but it lasts for less than two seconds and is a signal that dry needling is working. Some patients report some dull aches in the area for 24 to 48 hours, but after that, you should start noticing improvements in pain and mobility, if not earlier.

Is Dry Needling Safe?

When it’s performed by professional physical therapists, there is nothing to worry about. team in Labadie, MO is made up of skilled professionals with a extensive grasp of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and safe practices.

Is Dry Needling Really Effective?

Absolutely, especially when combined with other pain management and mobility techniques. At Axes, our Labadie, MO physical therapists only recommend treatments that we know are effective because of our experience and extensive medical and academic studies. Studies show the advantages trigger point dry needling can have for people with injuries or chronic pain.

How Long Do The Needles Stay in For? How Deep They Go?

We base that on you, your level of pain, lack of movement, and the affected body part. Some piercings will not go very deep and the needles will be consistently moved and changed out. Other times, the needles will remain for as many as 15 or 20 minutes and go to the core of the muscle, as often dry needling is the only way to access harder to reach muscles and tissue. All Axes physical therapy regiments are unique, just like our patients.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Again, that we will make a personalized recommendation based on your needs. Most patients need anywhere from one to six sessions to fully reduce pain and restore mobility. We’ll tailor your plan to you to get you the maximum benefit and efficiently get you back to doing what you love most.

How Quickly Will I See Improvements With Dry Needling?

Some Labadie, MO clients can feel the process working right away, while others may have to wait a day, or may not feel the benefits until their second session.

Isn’t Dry Needling Just the Same as Acupuncture?

This is a common misconception, but no. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that aims to balance a person’s “life force.” Dry needling is based on Western medicine and has only reached widespread appeal in the last couple decades.

Will My Insurance Cover Dry Needling?

Insurance plans all vary, so we can’t know until we look at your personal plan. At Axes, we believe everyone deserves the professional, personalized, and proven treatment plans they need to live without pain and get back to feeling like themselves. If it’s most convenient for you, we can call your insurance company and see if dry needling is covered.

Some of the other services we offer in Labadie, MO are:

Dry Needling Labadie, MO | Pain Management | Trigger Point Dry Needling Near Labadie

Trigger Point Dry Needling in Labadie, MO | Axes Physical Therapy

Many of our patients come to us as their last resort because, after all sorts of medication and other treatments, they still just can’t find relief. At Axes, our professional and knowledgeable physical and occupational in Labadie, MO act as part of your team to devise a personalized treatment plan with a proven track record of success. We’ve dedicated our practice to reducing and eliminating pain, restoring mobility, and getting you back to the activities you love most, whether that hitting a home run on your local softball team, taking a morning job, or just being able to wake up, go to sleep, and in between do what you want to do without feeling any pain. Contact a professional Labadie, MO physical therapist online or call the location closest to you.

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Services Offered
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