Start Strong in 2024: Your Guide to a Healthier You

2024 for is (somehow) here already – *queue “Where’d All the Time Go” by Dr. Dogg sound* A new year brings with it fresh opportunities, and for many, a common resolution is to embark on a journey to better health through a new exercise program. If you’re gearing up for this positive change, here are some essential tips to kickstart and sustain your fitness journey.

Ensure You’re Ready to Exercise: If it’s been a while since your last workout, take the proactive step of scheduling an appointment with your physical therapist to confirm your readiness for a new exercise program. At the same time, we can address any new or persistent pain points. Additionally, invest in supportive shoes to set yourself up for success. We suggest our friends at Fleet Feet. 

Identify Your Why: Define a specific reason driving your desire to start an exercise program. Write it down and place it somewhere visible as a constant reminder of your commitment. Whether your goal is weight loss for confidence, gaining strength to play with your grandchildren, or preparing for the GO! St. Louis Marathon, having a clear ‘why’ can be a powerful motivator during challenging moments.

Share Your Goal: Increase accountability by sharing your fitness goal with someone you trust—a spouse, friend, neighbor, or coworker. You can also leverage social media for support and encouragement, inspiring both yourself and others to embark on their fitness journeys.

Find Something You Enjoy: Explore different exercise programs until you discover one that aligns with your interests. Whether it’s strength training, cardio, yoga, or flexibility exercises, there’s a variety to choose from. Enjoying your workouts increases the likelihood of staying committed to your resolution.

Celebrate Your Victories: Look beyond the scale for victories; celebrate small achievements to build momentum. Whether it’s resisting the snooze button, running an extra minute, or making healthier meal choices, acknowledging and celebrating these wins is crucial for sustained motivation.

Don’t Allow Bumps to Become Mountains: Anticipate bumps in your fitness journey, and when they occur, don’t let them derail your progress. A missed workout or an unplanned meal won’t set you back irreparably. Simply resume your routine the next day and stay focused on your goals.

Prioritize Yourself, Make Time: In our busy lives, prioritizing your health is essential. Even on hectic days, carve out time for exercise. Consider waking up a bit earlier, taking a walk during lunch, or involving your kids in your fitness routine. Schedule your workouts in advance, treating them as non-negotiable appointments.

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