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Pain Management House Spring, MO. If you are living with crippling pain, you are not alone. If chronic pain has become an obstacle from doing the activities you love, you need a sound pain management plan.

Axes Physical Therapy is led by a team of top House Spring, MO movement experts with years of success guiding patients to freedom from pain. We have the capability to effectively treat pain by tailoring the treatment to each individual patient, taking into account everything about their health and needs. At Axes Physical Therapy, your House Spring, MO pain management therapist draws from their clinical experience and the most current understanding and techniques to put together the right pain management plan for you.

Contact Axes as soon as possible or make an appointment online to get started on your journey to living pain-free. Come to any of our physical therapist-locally owned and operated facilitieslocations in the St. Louis metro area and around Eastern Missouri for convenient and accessible pain management near House Spring, MO.

Pain Management: Prevalence

Pain is a widespread problem affecting all kinds of people — large and small, young and old — in House Spring, MO and across the country. As a sufferer of chronic pain in House Spring, MO, you are not alone.

The physical and occupational therapists of Axes Physical Therapy near House Spring, MO treat pain patients every day. Though the numbers surrounding the effects of pain on the population are staggering, they do not surprise our experienced pain management professionals who treat House Spring, MO individuals with pain every day.

How Does Pain Affect our Community?

  • Patients with chronic pain lose in excess of $560 billion every year in medical care, reduced income, and other expenses and losses. The true cost is likely much hire, with estimates from the National Institutes of Health putting the figure as high as $635 billion per year.
  • In a single day, around 50 million American adults are living with pain.
  • Over 20% of adults suffer from chronic pain and 7.4% deal with chronic pain that interferes with their daily life and causes disfunction.
  • Of those living with chronic pain, 89% of them have been actively feeling pain for at least one year.
  • Pain is responsible for some of the most missed work, adding up to $61.2 billion a year in the United States in lost productivity alone. Of that number, 76.6% can be attributed to decreased output of workers dealing with pain while working, not work absences related to pain.

Our goal in pointing out these figures is to demonstrate that at Axes Physical Therapy, we take our House Spring, MO pain management duties seriously. We respect the gravity of the problem and possess years of experience designing and administering therapies and treatments to free our patients from pain.

Proper, empirically supported, results-driven pain management is vital for adults in the House Spring, MO area and all over the country. Our qualified team of House Spring, MO movement experts is on a mission to eliminate pain and optimize mobility for every patient who comes through our doors. Trust your House Spring, MO pain management needs to the professionals at Axes Physical Therapy.

Pain Management House Spring, MO: Understanding Your Pain

We experience the sensation of pain when our peripheral nervous system sends signals from the receptors that extend out through the body to the brain. Understanding the nature of your pain can help your House Spring, MO physical therapist or other pain management doctor effectively target the source of your pain and return you to optimal movement health.

If you suffer from pain and believe you might need professional pain management care, it is important to understand pain as a general topic and the type of pain you are experiencing. Pain is generally described as either acute or chronic.

  • Acute pain: endures only for a limited amount of time, most commonly reflective of injury or damage to tissue in the body
  • Chronic pain: long-term pain, more likely originated from factors other than damage such as chronic inflammation, nerve sensitivity changes, strong emotions, previous traumatic injury, and changes in the brain

Symptoms of acute pain include:

  • pain that does not last more than 3 months
  • pain is located at the injury site
  • injury site swelling, warmth, and redness
  • arises from an injury or specific event
  • increased pain when the injured area is agitated or compromised, and relief when the factor causing the pain is removed; for example, if you have a knee injury, you may experience worsened pain when shifting weight onto that leg, but find that the pain is lessened or alleviated when you remove the weight from that leg with crutches or when elevating it

Chronic pain symptoms include:

  • pain that continues for longer than 3 months
  • not directly or immediately related to an injury
  • pain throughout the body
  • unpredictable degrees of pain that are not consistent with a specific motion or activity
  • pain sensitivity to even minor pain triggers
  • may be accompanied by mental health concerns like depression, fear, or anxiety

If you have recently been injured and are experiencing acute pain, talk to our House Spring, MO physical therapists about treating your injury to eliminate your pain quickly and heal correctly to prevent future chronic pain and complications.

Life with chronic pain can feel hopeless. When you work with Axes Physical Therapy, our House Spring, MO pain management professionals will determine and engage in the most promising House Spring, MO pain management solutions for you so that you can return to your beloved everyday activities without debilitating and unpredictable pain.

You need an effective pain management solution from someone you can trust in House Spring, MO. At Axes Physical Therapy, we recognize how urgently you need treatment to target your pain. Contact us today to speak to a specialist expert near House Spring, MO about your pain management options.

House Spring, MO Physical Therapy for Pain Management

Living with pain is limiting, sometimes even debilitating. Pain inflicts a psychological toll on us just as a physical one. Living with chronic pain can feel hopeless and overwhelming. Our physical and occupational therapists’ job is to give you hope and help you make a complete recovery and return to life as you want it to be. As a House Spring, MO pain management solution, physical therapy will target the source of your pain and help you cope with the psychological pain.

The medical community recommends physical therapy as one of the best treatments for individuals suffering from pain. Physical therapy is an data-driven approach to the body and movement and draws upon the principles of kinesiology and the musculoskeletal system. As the American Physical Therapy Association puts it, a physical therapist is a movement expert who elevates quality of life by prescribing exercise, administering hands-on care, and providing patient education. Axes’ House Spring, MO physical and occupational therapists are zealous about getting you back to the things you love to do and freeing you from pain by looking at the problem holistically. Trust us to give you meaningful relief from pain.

In addition to pain management, our House Spring, MO physical and occupational therapists offer:

    We can help you manage your pain though physical therapy treatment methods that do the following:

    • Minimize tightness and inflammation
    • Reinforce muscles, tendons, and ligaments
    • Restore balance to the body
    • Extend range of motion
    • Manage scar tissue
    • Promote overall functioning

    Pain Management Treatment Methods in House Spring, MO

    Our House Spring, MO physical therapists have extensive backgrounds in a wide range of treatment types and specialties. You will work with your own personal physical therapist who will work closely with you on your custom pain management plan. Your physical therapist might use:

    • Manual therapy
    • Exercise and movement
    • Graded exposure
    • Heat/Cold applications
    • Trigger point dry needling
    • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS)
    • Ultrasound
    • Massage therapy

    You are a vital piece to your pain management outlook, as we need to truly understand your experience in order to give you the best pain management care. To address your pain and provide the safest and most beneficial care, your physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation, consult your medical history, and perform a physical exam.

    You are an integral part to giving your doctor an accurate picture of your condition. When you get a House Spring, MO pain management evaluation, be open and provide as much information as possible. Your physical therapist may ask you things like:

    • How long have you had pain?
    • How did it start?
    • Where is the pain located?
    • When do you experience the pain?
    • What types of activities bring it on?
    • How long does it take for it to go away?
    • What does the pain “feel” like?
    • What can make the pain feel better (lessen)?
    • On a scale of 0 to 10, can you rate how much pain you are currently experiencing?
    • What do you think is causing the pain?
    • What is your past medical history?

    Pain Management Near You in House Spring, MO

    When you are dealing with pain, you must have a medical professional you trust who understands your condition and has the tools and experience necessary to administer the pain management solutions you need. Axes Physical Therapy is a Missouri network of locally owned and operated facilities led by the best area physical and occupational therapists in their respective specialties.

    Trust a pain management professional at Axes Physical Therapy near House Spring, MO for a customized pain management plan based on proven treatment methods. Call us today or find the Axes location that is most convenient for you.


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